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Attractive job opportunities through the cross-border technology connection project at NTQ Solution

We all know that China has a stringent data security and information censorship system through the digital "great wall" created by the Government. Therefore, understanding the market and effectively coordinating the cross-border data connection project  is challenging but attractive for NTQ Solution.

The cross - border technology connection project between China and other country: Project is challenging but extremely attractive

Recently, to understand the context and propose appropriate technology solutions for customers, Mr. Bui Viet An (Head of NTQ.AI Artificial Intelligence Center), Mr. Bui Duc Chuong (NTQ Technology Expert) and some of the other experts of NTQ had a business trip to China. 

During the business trip, the NTQ team worked with the customer to identify existing problems and plan to integrate the software system to improve work productivity.  The client is a global company has a production team in China, but the sales and operation teams are scattered in many countries. It is a challenge to bridge the transfer of information between China and other countries. 

The second challenge is to deploy a connection system between the "isolated internet oasis" and the entire internet of the world. It is understood that the infrastructure must be smooth for the application to be deployed to operate smoothly. 

Since the firewall blocks all connection requests, connecting and synchronizing data between the two countries takes a lot of work. Requirements: must have a solution to connect technology across borders. 

 Revealing recipe secrets for NTQ Solution to succeed and thrive

It's part of the companionship, resonating with the collective strength to reach the maximum opportunities. Part of it is the enthusiasm to explore, experiment, and aim for valuable results constantly. Part of it is the innovation to make the product perfect and modern.

This "recipe" is not only in work but also in the lives of NTQ-ers abroad. During the business trip, the most memorable memory was when everyone enjoyed the "super spicy" hot pot. Several members of the delegation had stomach pain. But with the dedicated care of colleagues and enthusiasm for work, working sessions with customers are still practical and highly appreciated. The One Team spirit between NTQ and customers has strengthened through outings to explore China. 

As a challenging project, the NTQ team always constantly research, analyze and evaluate specific solutions for customers. We are researching and implementing some advanced technologies include Machine Learning technology, Cloud technology….

Expanding onsite opportunities for NTQ-ers in the international market

Cross-border projects are just one of many attractive opportunities available at NTQ Solution. Especially with the orientation from the Board of Directors, the programs to promote personnel to long-term work in the markets of Japan, Korea, China and critical technology countries worldwide are more open than ever. Human resources will have access to and work directly in complex system development projects that mean the "survival" of customers with new technology platforms continuously updated in the development process.

When directly participating in full-lifecycle projects, you will quickly develop in-depth thinking and actual combat skills. You also significantly improve your ability to communicate in foreign languages and understand the market when you constantly exchange and work with foreign partners. Besides, you also receive in-depth training from internal training courses at NTQ Solution.

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