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At NTQ, we clearly specialize in each part to help every member find the most suitable "Team". Which team will help you maximize your potential? Join now!

Software Engineer

At NTQ Solution, your opportunities are unlimited, become the best version of yourself. A part of NTQ Solution, you will have the opportunity to work in a multinational environment with many advancement opportunities and a clear career path.  
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Project Management

Project Management in NTQ Solution is both an opportunity and a challenge, as you are the bridge between the customer and the development team; both the schedule and quality manager of the project.
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BrSE & Comtor

With highly specialized knowledge, vigorous spirit and enthusiastic, Bridge Software Engineer team at NTQ Solution is a connection between the customer and the project team is done smoothly, helping to successfully hand over the project, bring many products with positive changes for the whole society.
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Fully equipped with professional knowledge, management skills and output quality monitoring, the Tester team always tries to find "bugs" and perfect the product before it is released to the society.
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Quality Assurance

QA/QC Team gathers members with sharp judgment, proficient skills and always pursuing perfection in work. If you also want to master the product and optimize the user experience, join NTQ Solution to help us realize these products.
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Business Analyst

Business Analysts at NTQ Solution are talented, dynamic and dedicated members with the goal of bringing comprehensive technology solutions to customers, creating sustainable values for society.
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Business Development

Business Development team is a gathering place of dynamic, enthusiastic people who are passionate about learning and self-development.
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Brand & Communication

With the mission of "spreading sustainable values" of NTQ Solution, the Brand & Communications team at NTQ Solution is fully equipped with professional knowledge to create a positive energy source, making a significant contribution to the building. an enthusiastic - creative - innovative team, bringing great values to the organization.  
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People Development

Taking people as the center of all activities, the "People Development" team always accompanies each member of NTQ-ers on the journey of improving self-worth, contributing positive values to society, and realizing the dream of leveraging the Vietnamese profile on the global digital map.
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With an endless passion for creativity and a user-centric mindset, we are the ones who create highly functional and aesthetic designs.
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IT team

Fully equipped with knowledge, professional skills and youthful enthusiasm, IT members not only ensure the hardware technical infrastructure and internal information security, but also maintain the smooth operation of the entire system. NTQ Solution project system and partners.
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Admin team

The "silent warriors" of the Support team always strive to bring quick, timely and quality administrative solutions to all NTQ-ers members. If you are ready to become an indispensable piece of the "attentive - enthusiastic" team, join NTQ Solution today to spread kindness in small everyday things.
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