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Internal training courses to help you become a global citizen at NTQ

NTQ-ers meet Japanese and Korean customers in the morning, meet with European customers in the afternoon, and "catch up" with American partners in the evening. Through working days continuously for many hours with significant partners worldwide, NTQ-ers are increasingly asserting their technological capabilities, reaching out strongly, and being dynamic, creative, brave and full of global citizens.

With the orientation of "putting people at the center of all development," NTQ has been building the best quality training programs for all personnel at NTQ, creating opportunities for the comprehensive development of professional skills and soft skills, enhancing understanding, companionship, and create sustainable values in each individual and member of NTQ-ers.

At NTQ, NTQ-ers are encouraged to contribute ideas, develop together and improve personal capacity and work productivity. With the spirit of "You Can Do IT," learning, and constantly improving, NTQ-ers also actively organize internal "Share to Learn" sessions and participate in periodic exchange programs between partners.

In addition, NTQ-ers also diversify development opportunities for all NTQ-ers members with separate training routes to help NTQ-ers members optimize their capabilities and grow strongly in international markets, become an expert, and the management/leadership team at the Company.

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