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NTQ with an ambition to reach out global with artificial intelligence

Having a significantly developed IT career in the Czech Republic, Mr. Bui Viet An still decided to return to Vietnam to devote his knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to the country's development. NTQ is where he sets his ambitions, is passionate about scientific research, develops AI models, and applies AI to create many valuable products in various industries and fields. Follow in the footsteps of An to discover people who are constantly burning with passion for AI!

NTQ has many dynamic, talented and enthusiastic young people

As the "brother" of the artificial intelligence (NTQ AI) research lab, Mr. Bui Viet An always accompanies young, dynamic, enthusiastic engineers with a passion for theoretical research and applications, bringing new artificial intelligence inventions into practical technology improvement.

During the past 3 years, Mr. An has led 20 members of the AI research team to carry out more than 50 successful projects with major partners and customers worldwide. It is worth mentioning the project of using AI algorithms to support fault analysis in the manufacturing process of medical equipment, using GAN algorithms to create 3D tooth models and an automation system for research systems for medical devices.

Sharing about the motivation to develop the AI team, Mr. An shared: “With the NTQ AI artificial intelligence research team, I always consider creating an environment where members can promote their individual strengths as an extremely important work. Because, I want to accompany everyone for a long time, to inspire scientific research so that you always burn with passion. Moreover, the Board of Directors also always creates the best conditions in terms of both resources and material so that NTQ people are psychologically secure, focusing on developing technology applications for life."

NTQ people: Accompanying with connecting passion

Working in artificial intelligence (AI) with technologies that change intermittently over time, Mr. An always thinks: “The harder the job, the more I like solving that problem. Having received the absolute support and trust from the seniors in the Board of Directors, the right investment, not knowing the time in terms of infrastructure, he always has faith in what he is doing, turning ideas into Those are the specific things that the product can target to standard goods, millions of users, and bring value to society.”

As someone who has been with Mr. An since the first projects, Mr. Manh Tien (NTQ AI) shared: “During the 3 years working with Mr. An, I have always clearly felt his positive energy in each project. judgment, even as difficulties pile up. He is a passionate captain who always accompanies everyone to analyze the requirements of the project, always listens to the opinions of each member to come up with the best solution, most suitable for the project. He not only encouraged us to study for international IT certifications to improve our professional skills, but also shared opportunities to support exam fees from the company.”

NTQ always opens opportunities for young talents

As one of the key research centers in NTQ, receiving investment from the company from the beginning, NTQ AI has always been "trusted" for many very high goals in terms of in-depth research and research. NTQ AI has welcomed many talented young people passionate about scientific research, creating AI models applied in natural products, and bringing much value to the community and society.

Moreover, Mr. An and the AI team actively participate in companion programs with university students. Through seminars, workshops to share in-depth knowledge, and contests to solve case studies on AI models, the team wants to support young people to have the opportunity to access the latest knowledge about technology and experience opportunities from AI application solutions.

Sharing about the future development orientation of AI at NTQ, Mr. Bui Viet An - Head of the Artificial Intelligence Research Department of NTQ, said: "With the capacity proven by past projects, I believe that Many customers will come to NTQ in the AI field to jointly implement large projects, improve quality of life and user experience. Shortly, NTQ AI will become one of the technological strengths at NTQ, creating truly breakthrough sustainable values for society.”

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