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Nguyen Kim Soan - Journey from Sales to Head of New Product and Service Development at NTQ Solution

Taking on the responsibility of business orientation, building and developing the team for new Products & Services at NTQ Solution at present - Ms. Nguyen Kim Soan is one of the managers involved in building NTQ Solution since the first day. Throughout this long journey, behind the successful appearance of that woman is the fire of enthusiasm that never cooled down, always wanting to conquer her career path.

Chance to meet NTQ - Go everywhere NTQ is still home

Becoming a partner with NTQ Solution around 2011-2012, when jointly developing a project with a foreign client, Ms. Soan had the opportunity to meet Mr. Son (a member of NTQ's leadership at that time). Realizing that Ms. Soan is very tech-savvy, has strong skills in foreign languages, and has experience working for many foreign companies, Mr. Son highly appreciates her ability and invites her to work at the company. NTQ. Sharing about the original plan, Ms. Soan said she only planned to support NTQ quickly. However, through the process of working, it is the dynamism and harmony of colleagues. The enthusiastic spirit, the burning desire to conquer the big goals that the board of directors instilled in the members have kept Ms. Soan at NTQ since then.

Ms. Soan with clients in NTQ Solution

From a sales position to managing the most important production department at NTQ

In the first days of working at NTQ, Ms. Soan was trusted by the management and assigned the responsibility of developing the English-speaking market - a large market that brings many challenges and the second potential for NTQ - after the Japanese market. As a pioneer in the exploration, Soan's big problem was finding customers and competing with competitors from other developed countries.

Ms. Soan with colleague in NTQ Solution

After approaching them, the next difficulty is convincing them to stay and cooperate with their NTQ. Because the company was small then, Soan and the Sales team took over all the work at each stage, including marketing, finding customers, negotiating, and preparing sales documents and contracts. These are all job positions that, until now, when NTQ reaches 1000 employees, each situation requires a few people to a lot of people to operate well. Ms. Soan said: “It takes time to do so many roles, but being able to experience most of the stages (from Sales to project formation and implementation) is a great advantage to becoming a manager in the future."

Balancing family and work - challenges but also opportunities

When it comes time to get married, Ms. Soan must also find a way to balance her life and career. She frankly confided: “Before having children, I still spent time every evening researching for work. After having a baby, I changed my schedule by getting up early to finish unfinished tasks.”

For women who always have time to take care of their family, Ms. Soan believes that being taken care of by the company and creating conditions for job development is a very important factor. She added: “In my role in the production assurance department, there are times when I hardly participate directly in the project, so the OT will not be as rushed as before. However, there are also difficult times with projects at the company level, where she has to OT constantly to ensure the project is completed. After that time, the company supports her to take a rest to balance her life."

Ms. Soan with colleague in NTQ Solution

After nearly two years, with the guidance of Ms. Soan and the Project Management Department, and then the development of the QA team, the projects at NTQ have been implemented according to a unified process, helping the company realize gradually get a clear picture of the quality and progress of projects at a more holistic and comprehensive level.

She has spent years of dedication, effort, and accumulated experience to reach milestones like today. And to reach new goals further in the future, Ms. Soan and the current team of new products and services (including VOLTE and ElastiX) will continue to fight non-stop. She shared with young people who are building their careers: “Enthusiasm is the match that lights up the candle of achievement. First, you should see and understand what you really like and want to do. You may find it later than others, but don't be discouraged. Do well at your current job, it will become a foundational skill in the future, complementing the directions you are pursuing.”

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