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NTQ-ers bustling festival "Give your old books, my new books"

For the books to be appropriately used and not wasted, NTQ launched the program "Your Old Books, My New Books" to spread knowledge and reading culture to NTQ-ers.

And after only 3 days of launching, the program received a very enthusiastic response from the members. Many outstanding faces came to exchange "knowledge" for "green sprouts", contributing more to the library of NTQ Library.

More than 200 books in various fields and professions have been added to the NTQ book library, enriching an endless source of knowledge for members of the N family. This program contributes book-knowledge to the community of NTQ-ers members and spreads the reading culture and love of knowledge to the community.

Moreover, forming a reading habit is one of the ways to promote the spirit of learning and innovation, helping NTQ-ers members grasp trends and new knowledge, train, and develop themselves.

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