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NTQ Solution welcomed over 50 crucial partners to visit the company

On its 11th anniversary, NTQ Solution welcomed 50 international customers and partners to visit its headquarters in Hanoi - Vietnam. This is not only an activity of gratitude for the companionship of international customers and partners but also an opportunity for NTQ Solution to spread the traditional cultural values of Vietnam to friends on five continents.

At the party, CEO Pham Thai Son sent his sincere thanks to all international partners who have always trusted and accompanied the company during the last time. Throughout the tour, international guests had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the country and people of Vietnam through performances of folk instruments and traditional singing.

On June 13th, the customers were highly impressed with the five fundamental values of NTQ Solution: COMPANY - INNOVATIVE - GENEROSITY  - DISCIPLINE - PASSION. It is also the guideline that helps NTQ Solution achieve its impressive growth today, from an IT company with five members to the TOP 10 largest IT companies in Vietnam with more than 800 employees and four branches in Vietnam. Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

The guests expressed particular interest in their long-term cooperation journey with NTQ Solution during the tour. From the first working day's difficulties to understanding and comprehensive development of the "Oneteam" relationship with NTQ Solution.

In particular, some projects are rated as having great difficulty and requiring a tremendous professional capacity to handle. NTQ has completed excellently, providing a comprehensive solution for the problem. The enthusiasm, dedication, and prestige of NTQ have conquered these international partners so that many customers continue to sign strategic cooperation contracts with NTQ, which has now entered the 6th and 7th consecutive years.

After this memorable trip, we hope that the customers would know more about our core values and orientation and continue to cooperate with us for many years ahead. With the support of all the customers, we believe that NTQ Solution can win the target of being the TOP 5 leading technology company in Vietnam and reach the size of 3000+ employees in the next five years.

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