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CEO Pham Thai Son: I have strong faith in Vietnamese wisdom

Sharing the nation's aspiration for a prosperous Vietnam in the future, Mr. Pham Thai Son - CEO of NTQ Solution, has always cherished a dream and ambition: leveraging the Vietnamese profile on the global digital map. Starting from just a start-up company with five members, but after more than a decade of continuous efforts, NTQ Solution has been present in the four largest cities of Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong and is on the rise to become a typical enterprise in the field of Information Technology in Vietnam.

What motivated you and your colleagues to found NTQ?

While living and working in Japan, I was surprised that many Japanese knew nothing about Vietnam. Information about Vietnam is outdated or not updated, only primarily associated with images of war and poverty. This made me worry a lot and ask myself, what should I do to make Vietnam known to many people and bring Vietnamese wisdom to the world.

While working at extensive domestic and foreign technology corporations such as Hitachi, Fuji Film, and Nomura, I realized that the level of Vietnamese engineers is not inferior to international friends. When working with the founding members, I see that they are all very talented people and all have the same desire to create good products and services that bring value to society.

With that belief, I and my associates founded NTQ to bring together the top-notch professionals who share a great aspiration, passion, and spirit of development in all fields of science and technology, united together to overcome challenges to build NTQ into a leading technology company in Vietnam, leveraging Vietnamese profile on the global digital map. 

The arduous story of the early days of starting a business is always the eternal story of businesses. What about NTQ?

NTQ Solution also encountered difficulties in the early days of its establishment. With the online booking system as the first product, although the product is excellent, the team failed because the team did not understand the market's needs.

Faced with that fact, we decided to change our thinking and choose a new direction. After a period of discussion and consensus, we decided that NTQ should focus on the new service, Software Development Services, because it has a good IT team, focusing on developing what customers need, not what they think and need.

In the early days of restructuring, NTQ Solution had only a few employees, very sketchy offices, not many customers, and unknown products and services. However, with the encouragement of the IT community, through the introduction of friends to Japanese businesses, in the exchange and cooperation promotion sessions of the Vietnam Software Association VINASA, we had our first customers: IT Sherpa, HR-Solution, Pronexus,...

At one point, the leadership team accepted no salary / late salary to invest in the company. When the project started to have sales and profits, the NTQ leadership team used that money to invest in Research, improving the team's capacity so that it has the capacity and prestige today. It is higher and has many more extensive projects. NTQ's engineers are also sent abroad to study and work at customer/partner companies, so human resource capacity develops quickly.

NTQ Solution has gradually built a name in the field of information art in Vietnam and internationally when more and more businesses cooperate with NTQ, such as Singtel, AIA, TCS…

After a period of starting a business, how is NTQ Solution now on the global technology map?

Up to now, we are still the Vietnamese upgrader on the world map and have achieved some proud achievements; NTQ has become a partner of nearly 300 large enterprises in more than 20 countries with more than 600 projects.

In addition to Japan as the leading, NTQ Solution has expanded its scale and is a strategic partner of many customers in different markets: EU, India, Korea, and Singapore;... Not only focusing on the Japanese market, but NTQ Solution has expanded its scale and is a strategic partner of many customers in different markets: EU, India, Korea, and Singapore, ... 

We recently signed a strategic cooperation contract with Tata Consultancy Services - TOP 100 leading enterprises in the world - to develop digital solutions for Vietnam's financial - banking - consulting - securities industry. 

When launched, this method will be "wings" for Vietnam's financial "tiger," helping businesses operating in this field convert digitally many times more effectively, thereby helping reduce costs. Optimize operations, enhance customer experience, and develop new business models.

According to the announcement of the Vietnam Report, NTQ Solution is consecutively in the Top 10 leading IT companies in Vietnam. So what is the philosophy or core value for the Board of Directors to build NTQ as it is today?

From the company's establishment until now, we have always brought the spirit of GENEROSITY, and PASSION in each product, service, DISCIPLINE and the mindset of non-stop INNOVATION, always COMPANION and together with colleagues. 


At any time, in any situation, NTQ-ers try to find every opportunity in hardship to move forward. Those are also the core values that help NTQ grow sustainably and build the Vietnamese people's position on the world's digital map.

With the most valuable asset being enthusiasm and aspiration, NTQ is committed to bringing high-quality service towards the "World-class" standard to comprehensively meet customers' needs in all fields and contribute to socio-economic development.

After more than 11 years of development, NTQ has reached a scale of nearly 1000 employees, with three international branches: Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, honored to receive Sao Khue Award 7 consecutive years and 2 five years in the list of Top 10 IT companies in Vietnam.

Up to now, what are you most proud of after 11 years of establishing NTQ?

I have two most incredible pride. Firstly, we have realized the aspiration to establish Vietnam's position on the world's "digital map" when NTQ is a partner of nearly 300 large enterprises from more than 20 countries around the world, with more than 600 projects successfully implemented. Secondly, our founding team has always stood side by side with nearly 1000 domestic and international employees towards the common goal of elevating Vietnamese people on the digital map of the world.

Up to now, NTQ has been a global enterprise, not only in the Japanese market, NTQ is a strategic partner of many customers in different markets: EU, India, Korea, Singapore,...

Recently, we have just signed a strategic cooperation contract with Tata Consultancy Services - the TOP 100 leading enterprises in the world to develop digital solutions for the financial - banking - investment - securities industry in Vietnam. This solution, when launched, will undoubtedly be "wings" for Vietnamese economic "tigers", helping businesses operating in this field to digitally convert many times more effectively, thereby reducing costs. Optimize operational processes, enhance customer experience and develop new business models.

What are the future development plans of NTQ?

In the third five-year strategic plan, NTQ Solution aims to increase to 3000+ employees globally, reach the TOP 5 leading IT companies in Vietnam and $85 million in sales by 2026.

Although there are still many challenges and difficulties waiting for us, I believe that with the sustainable foundations we have built over the past and the most influential business strategy, We are determined to conquer all the goals the company aims for.

NTQ will also focus on research and development of new technology platforms: AI, Blockchain, Big Data, and Cloud to perfect the digital transformation ecosystem, contributing to strengthening the position of NTQ Solution in the international arena, aiming to become a global SI company.

To achieve the above goals, how does NTQ plan to develop in the future?

At NTQ Solution, we always focus on human development; training programs are regularly deployed at units to help NTQ-ers hone their knowledge and skills to become dynamic and creative global citizens. The training system is implemented comprehensively and extensively from the management led to the internal members.

Every employee who joins NTQ, regardless of position, is allowed to learn and develop constantly. In addition to professional training courses, all NTQ-ers members can register to participate in soft skills classes: From basic skills such as thinking skills, presentation skills, communication skills in English and Korean, and Japanese to more advanced skills such as leadership, team building…

In recent years, NTQ has continuously supported IT students to improve their skills and face real-life problems through Fresher training courses and comprehensive recruitment programs with development roadmaps. In addition, NTQ is also very interested in investing in developing a team of young Vietnamese IT talents.

Not only that, NTQ also creates opportunities for young talents onsite at representative offices in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. You will have the opportunity to work directly with customers and solve big problems in all fields with the application of new technology platforms such as AI, Blockchain, Big data,...

With the mission of reaching the Vietnamese people on the digital map of the world, we want to accompany young enterprising talents, always upholding the spirit of learning, innovating, and constantly creating. For each young person to show their capacity, bring into full play their potential, and bring the best products and services to society.

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