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Vu Minh Hang: The journey to becoming Comtor Leader at the age of 28

Being a socialite with a burning desire to conquer new languages, the young girl Vu Minh Hang (1993) never thought she would fall in love with the IT industry. However, by countless coincidences on the path of pursuing her passion for foreign languages, she fell in love with NTQ Solution. She became the leader of the Japanese X - Comtor team after only 3 years of working.

Giving up development opportunities in Japan to return to Vietnam to contribute

After graduating with a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of International Studies - at Hanoi University with a 100% English-taught program, Minh Hang was not looking for a stable job in the right major. Still, he decided to go to Japan to study the language. She shared: “In those days, I chose Japanese because it was one of the most difficult languages. I only aspire to conquer it to satisfy my passion for learning, but I have not shaped what I will do or follow after studying. It's just, you're young, give it a try and give it a go!"

When talking about the chance to come to NTQ Solution, Minh Hang said everything coincidentally happened. While in Japan, she had the opportunity to study and work with Ms. Bui Thi Bich Chi. After that, Ms. Chi returned home and became a Comtor of NTQ. So, when she heard about Hang's return to Vietnam, Chi invited her to work with her.

“Honestly, at that time, I didn't know anything about technology, my only strength was knowing English and Japanese as well as having a bit of experience in translation and project coordination. However, because I trust Ms. Chi, and also see that IT is a very hot industry with high growth potential, I decided to apply to NTQ as well."

Then fell in love with the profession of Comtor

The comtor profession is a bridge between businesses and customers when facing language barriers. In a technology project, Comtor plays a key role to help accurately convey information from customers to the company and feedback from the company to customers on a regular and quick basis. Therefore, even a small mistake can greatly affect the progress and quality of the project and the customer's assessment of the company's capacity, directly affecting later cooperation results between two businesses.

Becoming a good comtor needs a good foreign language and a basic understanding of technology, commonly used terms, and the latest trends for the most accurate translation. At the same time, it is also necessary to have a good expression to avoid confusing the reader or causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

Talking about that difficult first period, Hang confided: "To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. The work is a lot; the comtor is less, so I can trade documents when I enter. Fortunately, Ms. Chi is also my direct manager, who has supported me a lot in guiding and editing the first translations and sharing the necessary methods and knowledge to complete my work well. After only two weeks, I was officially directly involved in the project.

With her efforts to complete her excellent work, Hang quickly received the recognition of the entire unit when continuously being voted "Chim Quy"' or "OS6 Star" - a special title for the best employees of the block.

The journey to becoming a talented Comtor Leader at the age of 28 at NTQ Solution

As of 2018, NTQ Solution is a company specializing in providing technology solutions for foreign businesses, mainly in the Japanese market. To ensure the best efficiency, NTQ is divided into production centers; each center has a different technological advantage and a dedicated comtor team.

However, this division has caused an imbalance in the allocation of personnel. Specifically, there are Centers with too many comtors, while there are Centers with too few. Therefore, after seeing that situation clearly, Ms. Bich Chi proposed to the Board of Directors to focus all commentators on one team.

So, in January 2022, the X-comfor division was officially established. And Minh Hang, with excellent performances in more than 3 years of working, was trusted to be appointed to Comtor Leader when he was not yet 28.

Understanding the difficulties of a comtor in the early days, Hang is also very active in researching and proposing feasible and effective training methods for new employees. Specifically, in addition to periodic training, grouping 2 people for older people to accompany new people, the department also encourages members to take the IT Passport certification exam. 

This is a globally recognized Japanese certification, and those who pass the exam will surely have enough technical knowledge to do well as a comtor. To support you in studying for the exam, the department will organize 1 study session/week. Those who achieve the certificate will not only receive a bonus from the unit, but also the company will have an incentive reward.

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