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Periodic health examination at NTQ

In the past four days, 12-13/5 & 19-20/5, NTQ Solution coordinated with the hospital to organize a general health checkup for all employees in the company. The program is held at the company's headquarters. During 11 years of establishment and development, the "human" factor has always been the focus of all activities at NTQ Solution, the basis for the company to develop and implement human resource development policies, as well as help NTQ-ers have the best working environment.

Periodic health check for employees is one of the most focused activities at NTQ Solution. This activity shows employees' care while ensuring a reliable human resource with physical and mental strength.

This year, to match the context and needs of employees, the 2022 health examination program at NTQ Solution has added and expanded many more specialized examination items exclusively for NTQ-ers. These additional categories focus on diseases that office workers (especially IT workers) often encounter, such as dyslipidemia, stomach disease, bone, joint disease, etc.

Especially the post-Covid health checkup package with an in-depth assessment of lung damage, liver damage, nutritional status, etc. Adding the post-Covid examination package to the 2022 health examination program helps NTQ-ers promptly diagnose the health situation after recovering from Covid, providing a care plan and timely treatment measures. Evaluation of the health examination program in 2022, most of the members of NTQ Solution are satisfied with the medical examination and treatment process and the organization.

"Through the periodic health checkup program at the company, I discovered that I have stage one dyslipidemia. This disease does not manifest directly on the outside, so it is usually not detected. Thank you to the company for organizing a periodic health checkup program to help me check my health status for timely treatment," - an NTQ-ers shared after the program.

The comments and feedback of NTQ-ers are recognition and great encouragement for BTC to strive to improve the health care program and provide better services to members. In the third 5-year development strategy for 2021-2026, NTQ Solution has chosen the spirit of "WeCare" as the leading guideline for building and developing quality internal human resources.

The addition of many new benefits to the 2022 health check program has demonstrated NTQ Solution's efforts in building a professional working environment with full benefits for all members. I hope the members will always feel secure and have the best health when working at NTQ Solution!

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