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Series of foreign language training activities for NTQ programmers

Intending to accompany NTQ-ers on the journey of self-discovery and self-development, the Training Department (LnD) has organized a series of the most practical knowledge and soft skills training courses for NTQ members.

Rocket for Dev: Improve language skills for Dev

Rocket for Dev is an internal course organized by the Department of Training and Human Resource Development (L&D) after conducting a survey of training needs from NTQ-ers. The long-term course is also a playground for programmers to learn, practice, and improve their foreign language skills.

Accordingly, the program is divided into 3 levels: Level 1 - Basic/Intermediate English Communication for programmers at Beginner/Intermediate level; Level 2 - IT English helps programmers improve their technical communication skills; Level 3 - Rocket English is a practical training class, helping programmers to exchange and discuss with customers confidently. 

The program is built with a curriculum close to NTQ's projects because the internal lecturers are people who have good English skills and have a lot of experience in working with foreign customers.

Rocket For Dev is a “stepping stone,” one of the courses that the Dev team can use to hone their abilities. Hopefully, through this course, NTQ-ers have understood how to communicate and work with international programmers, customers, and partners, making breakthrough changes in their work.

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