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A very chill working day of a Website Developer in NTQ

Constantly improving capacity through global projects, "genuine" and connected colleagues are the things that make Tri Hieu, the programming team, stick with NTQ Solution for a long time.

Hieu shared: “People often say that programmers are boring because they just sit at the computer coding all day. But I feel very happy to work in an environment that makes me passionate and want to contribute more every day.” Let's discover what a day of Hieu at NTQ Solution will be like. And don't forget to leave a comment about your ideal working day to let us know!

I am a Web Developer. The thing that I "chill" the most every morning when I wake up is to exercise, then take a shower and go to the company to meet my colleagues. I will prepare myself a glass of soft drink full of rocks to increase my alertness, ask a few questions with my brothers and then sit at the desk to arrange the day's work tasks.

His main job is to receive requests from project customers, analyze, advise and develop product features. At NTQ, the process of working with large international clients on diverse and unique projects has helped me improve both hard skills and soft skills.

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