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NTQ has had its system of human policies

From its establishment until now, NTQ has always wanted to become "a gathering place of many talented people who share the same PASSION spirit in all science and technology, together with COMPANIONSHIP - INNOVATION to leveraging Vietnamese profile on the global digital map. Therefore, NTQ believes that taking care of the members' lives is essential to maintaining and developing a stable staff.

Policy group to reward achievements and honor the contributions of members

Reward policies to honor the achievements and contributions of members are always focused on by NTQ. At NTQ, members are given many opportunities to gain rewards. In addition to the two policies of the 13th-month salary bonus and business bonus commonly found in enterprises, NTQ members also have the opportunity to receive rewards and exam refund policies from the Company's leadership when taking exams for professional certifications. It can be said that this is a very humane policy to encourage members to learn constantly to improve their working capacity and develop themselves.

At the same time, NTQ awards the title of NTQ Star and Employee of the Year to members with outstanding achievements to honor and recognize members' efforts throughout the year. The above titles not only bring pride and happiness to individuals but also have the meaning of cheering and motivating members to strive for higher achievements in the coming year.

Health care policy

Health insurance programs and periodic health checkups demonstrate the accompanying human policies at NTQ with members' lives. We believe that health is the most valuable asset of every human being, and taking care of and protecting the health of NTQ members is always a priority for the Board of Directors. In addition to thoroughly enjoying the sickness benefits of social insurance, members at NTQ are also given an additional health insurance package with various items and benefits.

The BHSK package for members is constantly updated, expanding with more benefits and increasing the limit based on members' actual use of health insurance in the previous year. Not only that but the health insurance policy at NTQ also accompanies members to take care of their loved ones' health. NTQ supports the costs for members when registering to buy health insurance for their relatives, parents, spouses, and children. This is a meaningful gift that members can give to their loved ones to feel more secure about their health and life in the face of unforeseen risks and uncertainties in life.

Share the joys and sorrows of the group policy with the members

For members officially entering married life, in addition to happy wishes, the Company will send wedding gifts to members and support the shuttle bus for members of the Company to attend the wedding ceremony. Especially for couples getting married within the Company (both married members are working at NTQ), the Company will send the couple a wedding gift worth up to 10,000,000 VND.

Accompanying the NTQ - er at the milestone of welcoming the little angels, NTQ has dedicated the Hello World policy for children to express the congratulations and attention that the Company wants to give to the child members. Each child NTQ will receive a gift including a greeting card, a gift set including a shaker, and cash with a total value of 1,000,000 VND. 

Cohesion policy

The most prominent among the collective activities at NTQ is the annual Summer Tourism program with the goal of not only rewarding and encouraging members to work harder, but It is also an opportunity for members to get closer and closer to each other and also an opportunity for the Company to know and understand more about members of the NTQ family.

Sports clubs such as football, badminton, yoga, etc. are always supported by the Board of Directors, sponsoring operating expenses and expenses for organizing internal tournaments. Clubs were established to raise the spirit of personal development and support members to find more positive energy sources after work, thereby making employees feel more balanced in life and work. 

At NTQ, it is not difficult to name cultural and entertainment events held on holidays and special days of the year, such as photo contests on International Women's Day, 8/3. The program "Invite children to visit" for the children of members of the Company on the occasion of Children's New Year, the lantern decoration contest on the Mid-Autumn Festival,...

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