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NTQ-ers have bonded strongly after a 3-day company trip to Quang Binh

At NTQ Solution, we not only care about physical health but also pay special attention to the mental health of each member.  NTQ Solution understands a cheerful spirit will create an enthusiastic worker; an enthusiastic worker will create valuable products. And only valuable products can reach the "World-class" level.

Therefore, at the end of July, NTQ Solution organized a meaningful group trip to the beautiful and historic land of Quang Binh.  The trip lasting three days and four nights at a 5* resort with the participation of nearly 700 NTQ-ers and relatives left many unforgettable memories in the hearts of each member.

During the trip, the NTQ-ers can not only explore the natural heritage of Phong Nha cave but also participate in exciting adventure games at Suoi Mooc, swim in Nhat Le's sea, or float away all the water. 

They were worried when sliding down Quang Phu sand hill but also "burned out" on the colorful Gala Dinner night. All distances disappear, leaving only members under the same roof, "companions" for a common goal.

In particular, the Gala Dinner is also the final night of NTQ's Got Talent contest for individuals and groups who want to show off their talents. 

Twelve performances of various forms contributed to an unforgettable Gala night and received enthusiastic cheers and well-deserved recognition for their efforts. 

Surely, after this trip, NTQ members will stick together more and become more confident, enthusiastic, and recharged to be excited to return to work more productively.

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