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Move to Shine - Run to spread the kindness

Continuing the journey of incubating kindness, the Move to Shine 2022 race attracted more than 300 athletes and fans to participate in Hoa Binh Park on June 11, 2022. The event goes beyond the mold of an ordinary running race. It is a journey to cultivate kindness, raise funds for charity, and help difficult situations in life.

Accordingly, for every kilometer run, NTQ Solution will contribute VND 50,000 to the company's Community Fund to directly donate to complicated situations in need of help.

With the spirit of solidarity and mutual love, even though it rained, all 300 athletes of the 22 teams still gathered in the early morning and excellently conquered nearly 400km of the running track.

In particular, some teams were 100% female and persisted in completing the 16km relay race; no one gave up. The event also recognized the presence of the company's Board of Directors, who always accompanies the members to run and spread kindness. The event has successfully raised more than 20 million VND, and all of this money will be donated to the less fortunate in society.

Through this event, NTQ Solution wishes to spread the spirit of sport to improve health, but also to connect members, bringing true values to the community. We believe that GRESSIONALITY is the core for a business to achieve sustainable prosperity.

More than anyone else, we understand that the things we do are still tiny, but every journey of thousands of miles begins with the first step. NTQ Solution is committed to constantly striving to create sustainable values, not only by providing products and services of international standards but determined by "Raising Vietnam on the digital world map of the world.", but also through community actions to spread kindness.

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