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[NTQ Rubik] Nguyen Minh Trang: "Nothing is possible if you are willing to try."

Returning to Vietnam and then joining NTQ in 2021, after just over a year, Ms. Trang was trusted by the leadership to take on the position of Brand Manager and became one of the youngest managers at the age of 26. In conversation with us, she describes herself after nearly three years with NTQ with three words: "mature," "expansive," and "innovative." In this issue of NTQ Rubik, let's listen to Ms. Minh Trang's shares about the lessons in her career and her journey at NTQ.

If I think that a 25-year-old girl doesn't dare to go global, to try her hand at strategy and leadership roles, then I have already closed the doors to my own development opportunities." These are the words of Ms. Nguyen Minh Trang - Manager of the Branding and Internal Communications Department (Branding & IC Manager) at NTQ Solution.

Graduating from the Finance Academy, Ms. Minh Trang quickly realized that her passion was not limited to numbers. After more than two years of working in Marketing for several FDI companies in Vietnam, she spent time building a solid profile and immediately received a scholarship from the University of East Anglia - UEA in the UK (a top 15 university in the UK) in Brand Management.

Returning to Vietnam and then joining NTQ in 2021, after just over a year, Ms. Trang was trusted by the leadership to take on the position of Brand Manager and became one of the youngest managers at the age of 26. In conversation with us, she describes herself after nearly three years with NTQ with three words: "mature," "expansive," and "innovative." In this issue of NTQ Rubik, let's listen to Ms. Minh Trang's shares about the lessons in her career and her journey at NTQ

Having worked at large organizations both domestically and internationally, what do you find attractive about NTQ that made you choose and stick with it for over three years?

The opportunity that brought me to NTQ was a meeting and conversation with Mr. Pham Thai Son, the CEO. There is a unique aspect of NTQ that I find rare in other businesses I've encountered: the desire to bring together talented individuals, to develop their strengths for a greater goal - the proud and dignified presence of Vietnamese on the international market. Besides seeing many development opportunities for myself in this environment, the value of the work that can create Vietnamese imprints when working with international clients - something I felt "out of place" in previous foreign project environments and companies - is a source of pride in joining NTQ. Along with that, the enthusiasm and sincerity everyone has for each other, the care they show outside of work, is also a bond that has connected me with NTQ from the beginning until now. Previously, I would be attached to my work rather than an organization, but since coming to NTQ, I feel more connected to this organization, to the people here.

Later, when working in practice, I gained two values regarding development and international client experience. At NTQ, I find a very open environment that always creates development opportunities that match the capabilities and desires of each individual. My bosses and colleagues have a trust in working with me. They are ready to assign tasks that seem challenging for newcomers. But these are great opportunities for me to develop and grow with the company.

Additionally, working at NTQ involves an international environment, so the partners I work with, especially, are those with foreign elements. Because they are also from many countries, their perspectives and methods are very diverse. This diversity has also allowed me to expand greatly; I am not confined to any mold. These are the reasons why the more I work, the more I find it captivating and enjoyable.

Can you share specifically about the process of building the Branding team?

When I first joined, it was indeed a one-person department because NTQ did not have a Branding department at that time. At that point, I did everything alone and mainly worked with Mr. Son and the leadership. Many of my initial tasks were challenging projects that the company had not implemented before. But it was the challenge that gave me a lot of energy, the eagerness to be the one laying the first bricks. Fortunately, the projects were completed on schedule and contributed good results to the organization. Gradually, the Brand team formed with the addition of an intern and a designer. In the hectic pace of many projects, the three of us have come to understand each other better. Many overtime sessions, memories of working while eating instant noodles, or rewarding ourselves with a good meal after urgent projects, were also opportunities for everyone to connect more.

In essence, some positions in the current Branding team already existed and were part of other work areas serving different goals. Later, when the Branding team proved that brand values could be built and aligned with the company's strategy, I began to look for new teammates in Content, Digital Marketing, Employer Branding, Internal Communication. The team doubled in size and currently has 10 members.

In your opinion, which prominent cultural trait of NTQ is most evident in the Branding team?

The culture of the Branding team is inherited from the foundation of NTQ's five core values. However, the team members prioritize and put Innovation at the forefront. Innovation here does not mean discarding everything we have done but is based on the foundations we have, continuing to improve to make it better instead of falling into a rut. The spirit of innovation is also the courage to take on tasks and difficult responsibilities. To create brand value within an organization requires continuous improvement, renewing our image, refining our imprint to become closer to our customers, our audience. In summary, without innovation, the Branding team would almost certainly not be able to move forward.

Being described as friendly and quite gentle, do you think this is a disadvantage when managing?

Indeed, a few people have told me that being gentle like that, how can I be a leader or compete with many others. However, I believe in the viewpoint that leadership has many different styles. I do not try to control or impose what everyone should do; I trust that each person has their own capabilities and strengths. Instead of forcing everyone into a predetermined framework, I will support and encourage them to explore many different options.

What challenges at work have taught you lessons?

There are three very meaningful lessons that I think I would impart to a younger version of myself if I could. The first is not to limit oneself. Anything is possible if you are ready, dare to try, give it a chance, and try for yourself. This story becomes clearer when I joined NTQ, where I gained more experience, perspectives when working with C-level, working with partners, with Vietnamese state organizations, international organizations. The more I do, the more confident and bold I become if I know how to create a win-win value with partners. And more importantly, I have developed strategic knowledge, about management to be able to discuss with partners. However, before, if I thought a 25-year-old girl, the work I did about strategy, it was a far-fetched job for me with branding work, then somewhere I had already closed the doors to my own development opportunities. With the spirit of daring to try, I think it will help us always have new opportunities.

The second lesson is that we do not necessarily have to depend too much on the common standards of society. Now there are many chaotic things and sometimes people will be confused about whether they should go in this direction or that direction? I have also had such times. At the present time, I feel happy that I can develop better while still understanding myself and maintaining the core of my being. Instead of worrying, I spend a lot of time understanding myself, consolidating my strengths, and from there, I will find ways to shine those strengths.

The third lesson is not to let my energy level get too low. In the middle of last year, I had a trip that brought me closer to nature, and I realized that work is very important. But at the same time, the time I spend recharging myself is just as important. It's not a time when I'm lazy, but a time when I have activities that are better for my health, and when I'm healthy, I can do other things. If my energy field drops too low and I focus too much on work and neglect health issues, the internal factors of myself, or the time spent with family, then at some point I might burn out, get exhausted. It's like a phone that runs out of power and after a few times of running out of power like that, the battery will degrade, if in the past that phone could be used all day, now it can only be used for half a day, meaning my productivity has decreased.

NTQ is about to turn 13 with many meaningful activities. How do you feel about NTQ when you first arrived and now, what are the similarities and differences?

I think there is one point that does not change, that is the sincerity, enthusiasm of everyone. It's not just that people go to work as colleagues, but I really see in this environment people have beautiful friendships, care for each other.

But on the contrary, I also see points that change very quickly. That is, the more time goes by, the more professional NTQ becomes. The more we work with larger partners, we have ambitions, goals in very large markets. NTQ when I first came compared to now is moving very fast, and many changes are happening in the work. With the goals of the leadership, NTQ will surely change even more. In that big environment, there will certainly be more professional work standards, but at the same time, there will also be other exciting challenges and opportunities for NTQ members to develop further. And those challenges will certainly be an opportunity not only for you to overcome limits but also to become a better version: more comprehensive, more confident, and ready to conquer important goals.


*This article is part of the series: "NTQ Rubik - series about NTQ people across the globe." 

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