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[NTQ Rubik] Finding A Way to Exceptional Outcomes Through A New Kind Of Balance

Meet Zoey, also known as Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu, who embarked on her journey with NTQ in 2019 as a Business Analyst before stepping up as a Project Manager. Zoey is known for her vibrant, positive energy and a mindset that's all about getting things done. At work, she's the epitome of perfectionism, seriousness, and unwavering determination.

Remarkably, in a span of just three years, Zoey, born in '94, soared to the role of BU Leader for BU1 at SDC8, making her the youngest ever to hold the position at NTQ. She's skillfully steered numerous major projects, navigating through multi-million dollar deals with clients across Korea and Japan.

As we celebrate Women's Month, let's dive into the story of SDC8's formidable woman and her inspiring ascent in the tech world.

The Value of New Experiences

Zoey's journey is a testament to the unexpected paths life can take us on. With a degree in Business English from Foreign Trade University, she began her career translating in the world of finance, where she first brushed shoulders with the tech industry. Despite considering herself 'low-tech', the more she mingled with techies and delved into software development processes, the more she found herself captivated by this new world.

She recalls her first daily meeting—intended as a simple work update—where the jargon flew over her head, challenging her confidence in her English skills. Terms like 'Sprint,' 'API,' and 'retro' were foreign, yet intriguing puzzles to solve.

When her initial project wrapped up, Zoey dabbled in HR but felt the pull of technology too strong to resist. She pivoted to a BA Fresher role at an IT outsourcing firm, where she juggled numerous tasks, trained as a BA, and gradually stepped into the roles of sub-PM and then main PM for various projects. It was like being back in school, with each sub-project a thrilling dive into uncharted territory.

If her earlier roles showed her the industry's 'outer shell,' NTQ was where she could really dig deep. Fueled by an ironclad spirit and a thirst for challenge, Zoey thrived, even when tasks veered off her job description. She believes that the key to staying passionate is recognizing the good things—the rich diversity and the ever-changing landscape of outsourced work.

Mrs. Thu reflects, 'Managing a big project as a PM is a whole different ball game compared to a smaller one. Each domain teaches me something new. Even if the project model, domain, and team remain constant, there's always a fresh lesson lurking in every challenge. It's in resolving these issues that I find my greatest learnings.’

Balancing Priorities

Zoey often quips that the concept of work-life balance doesn't apply to her. She's all about going all-in, whether it's for work or relationships, believing that if you spread yourself too thin, you'll only achieve mediocrity. Every choice she makes is weighed with careful thought, always considering what deserves her attention most at any given moment. 'Limit your efforts, and your results will be limited too,' she says.

She's faced with the classic conundrum: If she dedicates extra hours to work, who'll look after her kids? And if she clocks out on time, who'll keep the company's gears turning smoothly? Despite these challenges, Zoey finds solace in her supportive family, who back her every move, allowing her to pursue her career ambitions without worry.

Even when business trips call, Zoey sees them as more than just tasks to tick off. They're opportunities to represent her company and build trust with clients. Whether it's establishing NTQ's credibility in Korea, showing solidarity with U.S. partners at critical project phases, or fostering collaborative spirits in Hong Kong, she's there, not just in body but in spirit, too.

And it's not just about the miles traveled; each trip is a chance to harvest fresh insights on global business practices and market nuances.

The Search for Fulfillment in Work

Reflecting on her path of growth, Mrs. Thu shares a perspective that's both humble and insightful. "I don't count my achievements in the traditional sense," she muses. "Looking back, I see a journey where luck and gratitude are my companions. My education, my career—everything has unfolded in a way that's brought me joy and satisfaction, even when it's taken unexpected turns."

For Mrs. Thu, success isn't about the fanfare of individual accolades or the grandeur of signing hefty contracts. Instead, she finds value in the collective triumphs—the 'small wins' that make a team's efforts worthwhile. Whether it's launching a system smoothly or simply witnessing the camaraderie and enthusiasm of her colleagues, these moments eclipse the weight of work pressures.

She believes that when you pour your heart into your work, it's the joy and opportunities that shine through, not the challenges or stress. This joy transcends the material—it's about the impact on the community, the company, the clients, and society at large.

Mrs. Thu recalls a poignant lesson from Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, COO of NTQ Solution, on the far-reaching consequences of a project's success or failure. It's a reminder of the real stakes involved, where a misstep can have life-altering implications, especially in cultures with stringent professional expectations.

This awareness shapes her approach to every project. She considers the broader implications—how it affects her colleagues, the company, the clients, and even those indirectly connected. It's this conscientious mindset that justifies her dedication, often extending beyond the typical eight-hour workday. It's not just about the job; it's about the people and the lives that her work touches.

Working Where Values Align

Zoey's story at NTQ is one of transformation and growth. She entered the company with a mindset shaped by her previous experiences, where roles were rigid and the company's interests were paramount. This approach, while logical, often led to friction with clients, especially when additional costs for unforeseen work were involved.

Her turning point came through candid conversations with Mr. Pham Thai Son, the CEO, who introduced her to the concept of being a "bridge person." This role emphasized flexibility and the importance of balancing interests to maintain strong customer relationships. He advocated for a customer-centric approach, suggesting that sometimes it's worth making small concessions to ensure client satisfaction and deliver exceptional service quality.

These interactions with Mr. Son were eye-opening for Zoey, prompting a shift in her perspective towards quality and customer focus. It also blurred the lines between hierarchy levels, fostering a learning environment where building customer relationships was key.

Moreover, Zoey found value in the Board of Directors' efforts to lead by example. They championed NTQ's values through internal communication programs, promoting kindness and collective values. This helped establish a consistent culture of behavior among colleagues, superiors, and clients, further enriching her professional journey.


*This article is part of the series: "NTQ Rubik - series about NTQ people across the globe." 

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